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Registered Agent:

Most states require all entities filed to have and maintain a physical presence within the state, even if you will not be operating your business in that state

A Registered Agent (sometimes called a statutory agent, resident agent or agent for service of process) is a business or individual appointed by you to receive correspondence from the secretary of state and other official government notifications on behalf of your entity.

The Registered Agent address is where the state government will send Service of Process when a business entity is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons. They can also contact your Registered Agent with legal and tax correspondence, including franchise tax forms, notices of litigation and required annual report forms.

Why Use a Registered Agent Service?

  1. If you do not have a physical address in the State you are registering your business, you will need to assign a local person or entity to be your representative in that State.
  2. In most states, an entity can not serve as its own Registered Agent. By using a Registered Agent service, like the one offered by Riverside Filings, you can preserve your privacy by setting up a public-facing contact and address for your business that is separate from your personal or business address. 
  3. A Registered Agent service can also help you avoid the hassles and inconvenience of managing all of your own documentation from the state as well as receiving spam mail. The Registered Agent service also helps you stay on top of deadlines (such as required annual reports) to keep your business in good standing, and will forward any important documents to you.  

Riverside Filings can provide your business with a registered agent in any state across the United States. 

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Certificate of Good Standing:

A Certificate of Good Standing (also known as Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Authorization) is a document issued by the Secretary of State’s Office as conclusive evidence that an entity is in existence and is authorized to transact business within that state at the time of its issuance. 

The certificate declares that the entity is in full compliance with States regulations, that all fees, taxes, and penalties owed to that state have been paid, that its most recent annual report has been filed, and that it has not yet filed Articles of Dissolution.

Riverside Filings  can assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing from any State. 

Certified Copies: 

Riverside Filings can obtain a copy of your entities formation or other state-filed document, issued and certified by the state. These may be required for proof of authenticity or just to replace a missing document for your records. 

Renewals and Annual Reports:

Most states have certain filing requirements in order to renew your entity and remain in Good Standing. These can include Annual or biennial reports, paying a Franchise tax, or a combination of the two. In some States these are filed on the anniversary of the entity formation, while others have set dates for these renewal filings. Failure to file the report or pay the fees may result in penalties, fines, or even the dissolution of your business.

Riverside Filings can keep you updated on your requirements, as well as prepare, review, and submit the reports for filing in each state.

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The Articles of Dissolution is a filing of a document to properly notify the State that you wish to dissolve your Entity and will no longer be transacting any business there. Not properly notifying the State that your business is no longer active may expose your entity to recurring fees, penalties, or taxes.

Riverside Filings can prepare and file the necessary paperwork for you.

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Corporate Kit and Seal: 

The Corporate Kit and Seal helps you present your company with a professional image as well as maintain all your corporate documents in one safe and easy to find location.

The Riverside Filings Corporate Kit includes a high-quality leather-feel corporate binder and matching slipcase personalized with your entities name embossed in gold on it’s spine, as well as an official handheld steel seal indicating your entities name and year of formation. Inside the binder you will also find some legal documents and templates, such as Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, a Stock Transfer Ledger, as well as Corporate Stock Certificates.

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