The most common corporate business structures is the LLC, or Limited Liability Company. This means that the business becomes its own legal entity and shields you and your personal assets from liability. 

The LLC structure is typically more flexible and with fewer requirements than Corporations. The LLC has a flow-through tax structure so as to avoid double taxation. 

Riverside Filings can assist in forming your Limited Liability Company in any state and get the Articles back to you as quickly as possible.  

After you complete the order form, your Account Manager will prepare and file your documents with the Secretary of States in each state.  

Once certified, you will receive copies of the filing document, or Certificate of Formation, via email and mail — usually on the same day, depending on the state and level of service.

Riverside can also assist with the following items, should you need them: 

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Some states require you to publish your entity after formation. In New York, only an LLC needs to be published in the County it has been registered. Reach out regarding our Albany Publishing Package and how we can save you money. Other state with publishing requirements: Arizona. Georgia (Corporation only), Nebraska, Pennsylvania (Corporation only)